Quick Picks:
Lockitron – Lock of the future

Keep it a secret, keep it safe! The Lockitron is the home door lock of the future. With wireless and nfc capabilities, controlling you door has never been this easy. Set to unlock when approaching the door, control lock remotely across the globe, get notified when the door opens, and integrated knock sensor for notification of someone knocking at the door. Battery lasts 1 year and notifies you when it starts to get low. Lockitron is compatible with most standard deadbolt lock and easily installs over top existing lock. Perfect for renters! Comes in three colors!

See it: Lockitron Buy It:$179

Leaf Plus Antenna – Grab some free HD

Is your man cave lacking in view-able content? Fear not young caveman, grab some free over the air HD channels with the Leaf Plus. It’s amplified signal is willing to go the extra mile, literally! Leaf Plus can be plugged in via USB, which allows powering on only when the tv is on. The Leaf is green after all!  The Leaf Plus also looks stylish, so it won’t ruin your man cave vibe! Unlike a pair of tin foiled rabbit ears!

See it: Leaf Plus Buy It: $74.99

Yamaha Portable – Stylish Sound

Every man loves music, why not share it. Grab the Yamaha PDX-11 speaker and turn the whole street into a party.  It packs a  4 in woofer, a separate tweeter, a remote, 3.5mm input, and integrated Ipod dock. It comes in four stylish colors. Some grab that rugged handle and spread your tunes!

See it: Yamaha Buy It: $99.95

Craftsman AssureLink – Garage Meet… Phone

Every guys favorite room is the garage, except for the man cave of course, well time to take the garage high tech. The Craftsman Assurelink garage opener can help you do that. Featuring internet connectivity to your smartphone or tablet, so you’ll always know the status of your garage door, and be able to control it. No more wondering if you left your garage door open once your at work, simply check, and close… Has a slew of other features like time to close, motion sensors, notification alarm, object sensors, and wireless keypad. Basically it’s fully loaded.

See it: Craftsman Buy it: $275

Kohler Numi Toilet – Your throne awaits

Every cave man needs a throne! The Kohler Numi is the ultimate guys toilet. Listen to the built in music system, enjoy the ambient lighting effects, even play around with the touchscreen remote. You would think that would be enough but, no there’s more! This top tier toilet has heated motion activated seat, a retracting bidet, a vent to keep your feet warm, air deodorizer, air dryer, customizable water jets with individual user settings. Unfortunately no beer cooler, but hey, you can’t have everything.

Garmin Tracker – It’s like breadcrumbs!

Need to follow, track, secure? Instead of hiring James Bond, try the cheaper Garmin Tracker GTU 10. Throw it in a bag, car, on a dog, in a picnic basket… you get the idea. Then instantly track. View the maps on your computer or mobile device. Features alert mode to notify you if the tracker enters or exists a certain area you designate. Now go out there and become the spy you’ve always wanted to be!

See it: Garmin Buy It: $199

Batman Usb – NaaaaaNaaaaa Batman!!

Add some style to your boring USB stick, and pickup up the Batman or Robin shaped USB. They’re not dolls they’re action figures! Just keep telling yourself that all the way to the store. Flavors to choose from include the Joker, Catwomen, Robin, Batman, and vintage Batman. Capacity 2GB-16GB.

See it: Mimobot Buy it: $23-60

Tango Stealth- Super vacuum from Samsung

Don’t you want to gather all the vacuuming robots, put them in a room together and yell, Fight! Or is that just me? The sleekest addition to Samsung’s lineup in the Tango Stealth, and stealthy it is, being one of the quietest robot vacuums around at about 50db.  Touted as their fastest vacuum yet, this machine can be your man cave’s personal maid. Allowing you more time to enjoy it. Comes with the remote, but not the girl.

See it: Source Buy it:  approx $670

Sunrise Faucet – Touch Screen

Can’t get enough of your touch screen smartphones and Ipods. Then you might want to add the sunrise faucet to your home. Perfect for the guy’s bathroom in the man cave, the Sunrise faucet will add style and tech to your normally drab bathrooms. Easy touch buttons allow flow customization and temperature adjustment.

See it Sunrise Faucet Buy It: $TBD Expensive

HD3 Slyde- Watch out!

Get rid of the old ticker, and update to the HD3 Slyde. Simply chanage the touchscreen lcd display with a quick finger swipe. Tons of face combinations, tons of style, and a ton of fun. Are touchscreen watches the future?

See it: Hd3 Slyde Buy it:$TBD