Quick Picks:
Nest Thermostat – Temperature control just turned cool

Keeping your man cave cool is a constant challenge. Simplify it with the Nest thermostat! It may even save you a few bucks! Engineered by ex-apple iPod engineers. Which will explain the click wheel and high quality design. Nest is a smart thermostat meant to simplify the programming, or in this case eliminate it. Using sensors throughout the home Nest learns your habits and applies it automatically. No more complicated programming. (which 90% apparently don’t bother)

See it: Nest Buy it: $249

Kuat Bottle Lock – Lock your bike with a bottle

Do you hate wrapping your bike locks around your neck, as you bike to the nearest comic store. Well fear no more! Same as you do with your feelings, you can now do with your lock. Just bottle it up. The Kuat Bottle lock ingeniously stores your lock, which can be placed in your bike water bottle holder. Once you arrive at the comic store simply unwind the lock and wrap it around your bike. Plus, underneath the bottle is some hidden storage for keys, cash, or whatever else you wish to keep hidden… Comes in pink, black, and white.

See it: Kuat Racks Buy It: $35

Craftsman AssureLink – Garage Meet… Phone

Every guys favorite room is the garage, except for the man cave of course, well time to take the garage high tech. The Craftsman Assurelink garage opener can help you do that. Featuring internet connectivity to your smartphone or tablet, so you’ll always know the status of your garage door, and be able to control it. No more wondering if you left your garage door open once your at work, simply check, and close… Has a slew of other features like time to close, motion sensors, notification alarm, object sensors, and wireless keypad. Basically it’s fully loaded.

See it: Craftsman Buy it: $275

Keyport – Keep keys under control

Tired of hanging your mess of keys from a lanyard, or having a giant bulge in your pockets? (Easy.. now we’re talking about keys.) Perhaps the Keyport will turn that frown upside down. The Keyport can take place of up to six keys, in a stylish 2 ounce form factor, and about the size of a large automotive key. It’s simple, cool looking, and much easier to lug around. Keys are created using photographs of your keys  using the sites instructions. If you find 6 slots is too much, you can choose accessories to take their place, like a USB or led light. It comes in so many colors, you may get overwhelmed. Hopefully you can contain yourself and your keys!

See it: Keyport Buy It: $39+

Kohler Numi Toilet – Your throne awaits

Every cave man needs a throne! The Kohler Numi is the ultimate guys toilet. Listen to the built in music system, enjoy the ambient lighting effects, even play around with the touchscreen remote. You would think that would be enough but, no there’s more! This top tier toilet has heated motion activated seat, a retracting bidet, a vent to keep your feet warm, air deodorizer, air dryer, customizable water jets with individual user settings. Unfortunately no beer cooler, but hey, you can’t have everything.

Key Holder Pete – Part stick man, part spider

So meet Pete! He holds your keys, in fact up to twenty keys. He casually carries them up the wall, so you don’t have to bend to pick them up. Some call him a modern day hero, others just call him Pete. Collect all four colors for your own key holding army! Truly a guys key hook! Oh ya, Pete likes to hang out on metal, cause he’ll fall without it… just saying.

See it: Design 3000 or Amazon Buy It: $17

Dyson Hot- Things are Heating Up

You may be familiar with Dyson’s blade-less fan, using revolutionary technology to push un-buffeted air throughout your man cave. Well this hot new tech, just got hotter, literally. Dyson Hot is basically the same thing, but provides heat similar to a space heater. While these units still carry a lofty price, I can only imagine what happens when it opens to the mass market. Blade-less ceiling fan anyone?

See it: Dyson Buy It:$430

Kult Art- Every Cave Needs Art

What’s a man cave without drawings on the wall? It was done in the prehistoric ages! Keep with the tradition and grab some art from the Kult Studio.  Featuring art centered on pop culture, cartoons, movie characters, and comics. You are bound to find something for your wall. Featuring limited numbered prints, with some eye popping frames your cave will never look cooler.

See it: Kult Studio Buy it: $100-$12000