Paracord – A strap you can count on

Paracord – A strap you can count on

Every guy like to be a hero, but you don’t have superpowers unfortunately. So strap on your utility belt and Paracord! It’s a “bracelet” but so much more. The Paracord is crafted out of military grade military material and is extremely stretchable and very strong. Just 1.75 inches grows to become 16 feet! Need to bungee something? Tow? Through a life line? Fix something?…

Comes in some many colors you won’t be able to choose!

See it: Survival Straps Buy it: $22.95

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  1. db cooper

    This is 550 cord. it is not extremely strechable and only costs a few bucks for about 50 feet of it? Ridiculous priced

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