Quick Picks:
Lockitron – Lock of the future

Keep it a secret, keep it safe! The Lockitron is the home door lock of the future. With wireless and nfc capabilities, controlling you door has never been this easy. Set to unlock when approaching the door, control lock remotely across the globe, get notified when the door opens, and integrated knock sensor for notification of someone knocking at the door. Battery lasts 1 year and notifies you when it starts to get low. Lockitron is compatible with most standard deadbolt lock and easily installs over top existing lock. Perfect for renters! Comes in three colors!

See it: Lockitron Buy It:$179

Leaf Plus Antenna – Grab some free HD

Is your man cave lacking in view-able content? Fear not young caveman, grab some free over the air HD channels with the Leaf Plus. It’s amplified signal is willing to go the extra mile, literally! Leaf Plus can be plugged in via USB, which allows powering on only when the tv is on. The Leaf is green after all!  The Leaf Plus also looks stylish, so it won’t ruin your man cave vibe! Unlike a pair of tin foiled rabbit ears!

See it: Leaf Plus Buy It: $74.99

Beer cave – Better than man cave?

Everybody dreams of their own man cave, but what about a beer cave. Now stop drooling for a second and pay attention. The Brew cave is essentially a walk in refrigerator holding up to 30 cases of bear and 4 kegs, which keeps your goods perfectly chilled. Of course the built in keg tap is a much appreciated feature and sure to provide you with many drunk times. The Beer cave is a bit pricey and doesn’t come fully loaded with beer, but it sure would be great to have at a party.

See it: Kegworks Buy it: $8000+

The Clip – Simple, Stylish, Useful

Introducing the Clip. While the name certainty isn’t original the product is still surprisingly innovative. The clip can be your key chain, headphone cord wrap, beer opener,  money/card holder and friend. The clip is great for someone who is always digging in their pocket throughout the day. Now they’re a simple clip away. Anyways keep on clipping.

See it: Little Bonsai Buy It: $15

Dollar Shave Club – Keep clean, keep shaved

Every man likes to shave whether it’s one proud hair sitting on their chin, or a face full of Chewbacca. Either way, the price of those ever so fine razors may persuade you to grow out that beard. Well, fear not as the Dollar Shave Club would like to help you. They simply sell you razors for a cheaper rate per month, and ship it to your door! So amazing it will make you cry! Choose from 3 styles: Executive, 4x, and the Humble twin

See It: Dollar Shave Club Buy It: $1 – $9 per month

Stealth Toothbrush Sanitizer – Keep it clean

A important caveman grooming tip is to ensure clean teeth, and no tool does it better then the toothbrush. But is your toothbrush clean? Make sure it is, with the manly shaped Stealth sanitizer. Not only does it add some manhood to your bathroom, but it’s blasting uv light on your toothbrush killing 99.9% of your dirt. Load it up with two brushes, if you have a guest… and watch the pretty lights.

See it: Stealth Sanitizer Buy it: $50

Ichiban Lego – Custom Kits

Everybody remembers Lego, and the billion kits to choose from. But perhaps you feel one special one is left out. In comes Ichiban, creator of custom Lego kits. Models range from the DeLorean to varied Star Trek ships, to a collection of motorized vehicles. Perfect way to relive your childhood and put on display in your man cave.

See it: Ichiban Buy It: $15++

Yamaha Portable – Stylish Sound

Every man loves music, why not share it. Grab the Yamaha PDX-11 speaker and turn the whole street into a party.  It packs a  4 in woofer, a separate tweeter, a remote, 3.5mm input, and integrated Ipod dock. It comes in four stylish colors. Some grab that rugged handle and spread your tunes!

See it: Yamaha Buy It: $99.95